How To Store Shoes Properly

How To Store Shoes Properly [May 2022 Guide]

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Shoes and boots are your most difficult working accessories, and they aren’t affordable to replace either. Notwithstanding the expense, are you one of those people who shoves all your shoes in a closet in a big pile? Recognizing how to store shoes properly will help you keep your shoes supple and wearable for many years, therefore it saves your money.

There are multiple distinct ways you can organize your shoe mess, whether you prefer to stack them or line them up — or maybe you’ll take any configuration as long as it saves the space and makes your shoe condition neater. 

Take Steps Before Store Your Shoes

Whenever you store your shoe, go for some following steps to increase the age and enhance its quality for better future use;

Making Shoes Ready for Storage – Cleaning Shoes

Cleaning Shoes for storing

Storing shoes that have soil, dirt, and some other debris on them could cause the material the shoes are built from to degrade over time. 

This is particularly valid for shoes made of cowhide or calfskin, yet all shoes advantage by being tidied up before you store them. Even if you’re just storing your shoes for the night, and you’re planning on wearing them again tomorrow, it’s a good idea to clean them before you put them away.

Drying Before Storing

  1. Clean leather & suede shoes by brushing off all dirt and grime with a little soft, non-scratchy brush. Use a proper leather or suede cleaner to eliminate all stains.
  2. Clear dirt canvas shoes by brushing them off, and then using soapy water to scrub or clean all stains.
  3. Wash plastic shoes with soap & water.

Sort shoes into categories

Before you begin carrying out any new shoe stockpiling arrangements or plans, coordinate your shoes into gatherings. In the first place, partition your shoes into two classifications:

  • The shoes you wear constantly
  • The shoes you wear less regularly
  • The ones you wear less regularly (think stilettos or snow boots) ought to be put away, as Aron puts it, “up high and distant.”

Think of any activity you’d wear each pair of shoes for so that when it’s time for you to head out for that event, you know exactly where to look. As some shoes are for snow which you need in the only winter. So you store them.

Steps You Must Follow

Steps To Follow for storing shoes

Using Silica Gel Packs

To stop the growth of mold, add a packet of silica gel to the shoe storage containers in order to eliminate all dampness.

Shoes that are light in weight and are composed of fragile materials such as; espadrilles, summer shoes, and cork soles tolerate molds very poorly. Therefore, silica gel packs must always be in their storage containers.

We suggested adding this silica gel to your shoe for its long-lasting. Because some servers shoes or other full-time work shoes need proper care.

Avoid Wrapping shoes in Plastic

Storing shoes in plastic bags is not a good idea. Shoes require to breathe suitably even while in storage situations. Wrapping leather or suede in plastic creates the shoes be prone to mold attacks and the eventual discoloration of the shoes. Rather than wrapping in plastics, wrap your shoes in acid-free tissues.

Keep Shoes in a Climate-Controlled Environment

Climate-controlled storage is excellent for shoes as temperature & humidity extremes turn leather brittle, weaken fabrics and cause glues to loosen. Shoes left too large in attics or basements can become unusable within a season or two of rigid treatment.

Methods to Store Shoes Properly

Methods to Store shoes

Shoe Bags

The best place to store shoes is to store them in a Shoe Bag. 

Higher-end shoes will usually be sold with flannel shoe bags included. If they aren’t, you can head over to Amazon and buy them a la carte quite cheaply. although, why are shoe bags very important?

In a nutshell, they shield your shoes from each other. Heels & soles can effortlessly scratch the uppers of a shoe, and that’s not something you want to happen to you.

An extra bonus is for travel: not only do shoe bags protect your shoes from each other, but they protect your clothes from your shoes.

This applies to dress shoes and affordable sneakers, especially if they’re suede. Whenever your shoes aren’t on your feet, they should be in shoe bags. So, this is a great choice for storing your shoes!

Shoe Boxes

The box that your shoes came in is akin to their home. High-quality and durable shoes should live in their home when they’re not being worn. Shoe boxes accumulate easily and allow the most suitable protection for your shoes when they’re not being worn.

An excellent trick to easily recognize your shoes without having to open boxes is to simply take a picture of the shoes and tape it to the outside of the box. It is well working trick!

And don’t waste your shoebox whenever you buying them from any store or online for future use. Works like a charm!

Shoe Trees For Short Term

Store your leather or suede or any other kind of shoes with shoe trees in them, ever. Shoe trees created from either cedar or alder woods are the single most significant thing you can use to improve your shoe’s lifecycle.

The best shoe trees are constructed from woods such as cedar and alder. These have wicking qualities, meaning that they eliminate moisture from their surroundings.

When you put shoe trees in your shoes after they’ve been worn, you exclude this moisture before it can destroy the upper. Creasing is minimized and curling barely occurs. In short, your shoes will last much longer than they would otherwise.

Store shoes in drawer

Shoe Racks

How to store 100 pairs of shoes and how to store shoes long term? Whether you’ve spent a small or large fortune in getting your shoes or your shoe collection; you should take excellent pride in wearing them, often

Unlike cardboard and plastic shoeboxes, storing your loves on shoe racks generally shows them to fresh air and provides air to freely circulate in and around your shoes and wardrobe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Best To Store Shoes in their Boxes?

If you don’t wear shoes for about three months or a little more, you can store your shoe in a box. The box may be an original shoe box. You can keep it in that box.

How Long Can Shoes Be Stored?

Shoes can be stored for viewing some conditions; the first one is the quality of the shoe and the other is the place where you store your shoe. Much time storing is the result of decades of a shoe. 

How Do You Store 100 Pairs of Shoes?

There are many ways to store 100 pairs of shoes but the best way is to store them underneath a bed skirt.

How Do You Store Shoes in a Small Space?

You can place the shoes in the tiny drawer or use shelves for storing the shoes. And used your bed underneath for storing shoes.

Is it OK to Store Shoes in Plastic Containers?

We suggest that not use plastic containers, and if you use them then try the ones with mesh lids.


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