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Quiet Slippers For Hardwood Floors and stone floors

Best Quiet Slippers for Hardwood Floors in 2021

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Hardwood floors are part of attractive additions to any home. A beautiful home is not perfect without hardwood floors. When you back home after a long day, all you want to relax. You may need the best reliable, soft, and quiet slippers for the hardwood floors. 

But imagine it- walking into a hot, toasty home only to find out that walking on the floor is difficult. Any slipper you purchase feels hard and makes terrifying rigid sounds against the solid floor.

A comfy, light pair of slippers for your hardwood floor would do the trick. Don’t trouble, we have got you covered. Here are the 15 Best quiet slippers for hardwood floors for women and men in a different style for when you consider you need new comfortable slippers for home.

Top Pick For Quiet Slippers

We collected 15 pairs of quiet and noise-free slippers for the hardwood floors. But we collected the 3 most comfortable, supportable slippers which give you comfort and noise-free features for men and women.

Here is our 3 top pick for men and women for quiet slippers for stone floors:




 In a hurry? Consider the Quick Pick… 
Among these options, the ideal quiet slippers for hardwood floors is Crocs Unisex Mammoth EVO Lined Clog because the outstanding relief given by Crocs Clogs is combined with an especially smooth and furry lining for added convenience, cushioning. It combines shock absorption to reduce the stress on the heels.

Best Quiet Slippers for Stone Floors

Here we can provide a complete guide for Men and Women slippers for special use for hard floor, connect with us

1. Crocs Unisex Mammoth EVO Lined Clog

If you are seeing for a matching couple of useful and durable slippers – the Unisex mammoth EVA lined Crocs are clogs which you should definitely consider purchasing.

The outstanding relief provided by Crocs clogs is combined with an especially smooth and furry lining for added convenience, cushioning, and warmth. It adds to their overall comfort and supports to improve the shock absorption to reduce the stress on the heels when walking on hardwood floors indoors and outside.

The soft lining is removable and washable, so you can keep your Mammoth clogs accurate and clean at all times.

They also emphasize a heel cup for a more confident, fit to avoid any tripping or other events when walking in them on laminate flooring or when climbing stairs. You can ever close his heel cup down if you favor the classic clog fit.

The outsole is long-lasting and has a rough lug pattern which will assure that you stay safe from slipping even on the shiniest and most polished surfaces at home. The fully fashioned trademark Croslite material adds to the well-known cushioning and comfort awarded by Crocs.

These are the amazing affordable photography slipper. So, if you want many comfortable slippers which you can wear all year round at home or outdoors – option for the Unisex Mammoth model from Crocs!

unisex Mammoth lined clog for hardwood floor

Features and Spec:

  • 100% wool
  • Rubber sole
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Variation of sizing
  • Comfortable care

2. Crocs Unisex Classic Lined Clog

Warm And Fuzzy Feels Inside. Everybody prefers the convenience of the Crocs Classic Clog — and now there’s a toasty lined version to hold the feeling going all season. The smooth, fuzzy liner adds to the cushion and support, indoors or out.

Great as a slipper, yet able to run tasks, too. Croslin foam structure keeps them light and easy to wear. The pivoting heel strap gives you a secure fit, or shift it advancing to just move in and go.

classic lined clog slipper for hardwood floor

Features and Spec:

  • The fabulous Classic Clog, momentarily with a warm, furry liner
  • Especially light and easy to wear
  • Turning heel straps for a more secure fit
  • Excellent indoors or out
  • Customizable with Jibbitz™ attractions
  • Double Crocs Comfort™: Blissfully supportive. Soft. Cradling comfort.

3. Crocs Unisex Coast Clog Slippers

It’s the iconic clog that originated a comforting change throughout the world! The irreverent go-to relief shoe that you’re assured to fall deeper in love with day after day. 

Crocs Classic coast Clogs offer lightweight Iconic Crocs Luxury, a color for every character, and a continuing invitation to be satisfied in your own shoes. It is one of the cheap quiet slippers for hardwood.

unisex coast clog for hardwood floor

Features and Spec:

  • Easy slip-on style.
  • Incredibly light and easy to wear.
  • Water-friendly and weightless.
  • Very easy to wash and immediate to dry
  • Croslite footbed. Croslite foam construction gives you all of the cushion and comfort you want.

4. Crocs Unisex Bistro Graphic Clog

Bistro Graphic Clogs, comfort shoes designed with food service, courtesy, and healthcare workers in mind, they’re charming and supportive enough to get you into even the longest shifts.

Crocs Lock slip-resistant footsteps, more security at the toes, and a variation of color choices come together to help you serve up your best.

Bistro graphic clog slipper for hardwood floor

Features and Spec:

  • 100% Croslite
  • Synthetic sole
  • Shaft weights about not_applicable from arch
  • Crocs Bistro clogs are completely molded and easy to wash by just using detergent and water and allotting for a fast dry
  • These Clogs allow an enclosed toe pattern and thicker metatarsal section to support protect your feet from spills Contoured footbeds make them the most convenient shoes for women and men

5. Crocs Unisex Bayaband Clog

Crocs Bayaband Clog is one of the comfortable shoes for water. This clog is less in weight and easy to manage. It also includes some holes for the ventilation of shoes to give you support. It can be used indoor and outdoor.

These Bayaband clogs have features to stay cool whenever you wearing them all day. Their lightweight quality gives you incredible comfort and also support about slipping and sliding. 

Bayaband clog slipper for hardwood floor

Features and Spec:

  • Synthetic sole
  • The Bayaband Clog is a merge of the Baya and Crocband, added convenience in your shoes.
  • These Crocs for men & women are especially less-weight and water-friendly. The Croslite foam gives an Iconic Crocs Comfort that is perfect for relaxing at the house.
  • It also includes Ventilation and Durability.
  • These women’s and men’s Crocs extend a roomy and generous fit that is assured to match your foot.

Best Women’s Silent House Slippers for Hardwood Floors

Now check out the best house slippers for hardwood floors for women:

1. Alegria Women’s Debra Quiet Slippers

Slip-on the Debra with peace, this closed-heel slip-on clog style is planned to fit you supremely. Every Debra develops with stain-resistant upper leather and slip-resistant bottoms. These quiet slippers for tile floors gave you comfort as much you need.

It has double elastic gores that allow this closed-heel clog to fit you ideally. It will allow you to hold for your feet for long periods and can help to recover from poorly supported foot arches or poor posture.

This can lead to fatigue and backache, making an already long workday even tougher. The Debra emphasizes a uniquely designed footbed made from a combination of latex, cork, and memory foam to provide superior comfort and support.

Algeria debra slipper for hardwood floor

Features and Spec:

  • This Slip-On is containing Latex and Leather, approving more support and strength in all materials.
  • It will also include a Rubber bottom, which gives you strength from beneath of foot.
  • These shoes are designed as Hand-stitched.
  • This will include a double elastic gore for easy in-and-out
  • This shoe is made from a Stain-resistant upper, which means it also gives you strength from the upper side of the foot.
  • This Shoe also includes a Suede leather insole, strong also inside.

2. Acorn Women’s Forest Mule Slippers

The Berber padding, as well as the mind foam cushion, has a hugging impact on the feet. To present an extra relief and support, the house slippers emphasize arch support and increased heel.

From hand-sewed custom, nature-roused weaving to cloud pad adaptable padding with a weatherproof sole, the Acorn ladies’ backwoods donkey has all that you’ve ever needed in a shoe.

Critter sewing adds the perfect bit of extravagance and uniqueness, adjusted by a calfskin and tough flexible sole that goes wherever with you to stand the trial of time. These Acorn changes with you from house to venture out to the room, with an ideal cloud-like solace for each experience.

Acorn forest mule slipper for hardwood floor

Features and Spec:

  • The awesome design on it, give intention among users.
  • This shoe is quite comfortable to easily wear and walk.
  • It also includes easy to maintain, wash these shoes, and dry them very easily.
  • Additional back support and raised heel for more convenience is also a good quality of these shoes.

3. Women’s Natural Wool Slippers with Arch Support Insole

The original wool slipper by Made For You appears with arch supporter insoles and non-slip rubber bottoms that don’t injure the hardwood floors. Those slippers arrive in a broad kind of colors and sizes. They are less in weight, manageable, and comfortable to wear.

The arch insoles give relief to the joints and various stress spots. This characteristic makes these slippers extremely promoted for people who have painful arthritis, rheumatism, or heel pains because of their capacity to reduce pain triggers.

They contain 100% wool to make these slippers, which makes them long-lasting and enduring. The slippers have a minimum and sincere design that sports easy slipping on and off.

The fundamental nature of the slippers makes them hypoallergenic, which means that their development used no bleach or stain. The slippers also won’t house any offensive smell, moisture, or bacteria.

natural wool women slipper for hardwood floor

Features and Spec:

  • These Slippers are easy to slip on and off.
  • The rubber sole creates a steadfast hold on the flooring.
  • This Shoe is also Lightweight.
  • Arch insoles for added arch support.

4. BOBS from Skechers Women’s Keepsakes Ice Angel

The great point about well-known brands is loyalty. Typically, the Bobs slippers from Skechersare as reliable as any slipper can make.

It is also warm and the cold days will not make it to you. And to shield your feet from the hardwood surface.

You will stay cozy and comfortable with these amazing slippers. It contains qualities of the soft sweater knit fabric upper in a slip on casual comfort clog slipper with faux fur lining and quiet Memory Foam footbed.

Ice Angel slipper for hardwood floor

Features and Spec:

  • A  reliable quiet indoor slipper.
  • Very charming design
  • This show is easy to wear, wash and dry.
  • A comfy shoe.
  • It is quite warm for cold days or seasons.

5. Acorn Women’s Moc Slippers For Hard Floor

The Moc from ACORN is a perfect option which you will rarely ever deprecate doing if you are buying for the women’s hardwood flooring slippers.

They are excellent for any season and you have an amazingly extensive variety of materials, stuff, tastes, colors, and techniques to choose from, so you can get a couple or two that suit your own personal suggestion and style.

Also, this indoor footwear for women has long-lasting outsoles made of great quality rubber, which will hinder you from slipping and will assure that your slippers don’t wear out after several months of wearing.

You can pick out any of the numbers of options for the uppers of the Moc are made of Berber, wool, faux fur, or unbelievable soft wool lining, depending on your choices. These Mocs are an outstanding choice for barefoot wearing indeed in the coolest seasons and even on tough tile floors.

You can even use the Acorn Mocs outdoors. They are slip-resistant, and your toes will remain warm, suitable, and sweat-free due to the magnificent moisture-wicking features of their lining.

These slippers feature ACORN’s trademark Cloud Cushion footbed which will give you a feeling like you are regularly walking on clouds. It is no wonder that all NASA astronauts have chosen to wear ACORN in space ever since 1984! So join them and buy a pair of these amazing in-house Mocs right away!

Acorn slipper for hardwood floor

Features and Spec:

  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Weatherproof
  • Skid-resistant traction
  • Versatile slipper
  • Indoor & outdoor wear

6. Acorn Women’s Chinchilla Collar

The Acorn Chinchilla slippers highlight memory foam insides that hold your foot enough to keep the cold away. But they are not just for the cold season, but these are also suiting as the best summer slippers.

These are ultra-soft, flexible, supportive, and quiet slippers for women. The comfort of chinchilla collar is so addictive; you will never want to take them off. 

A fabric upper conspires with the cuddly lining to hold toes toasty, while a rubber outsole contributes good grip indoors and outdoor.

chinchilla collar slipper for hardwood floor

Features and Spec:

  • They are used both indoors and outdoors activities.
  • This is easy to wear, wash, and dry.
  • This product is quite comfortable.
  • Fitting for all-weather wear.
  • This is a flexible slipper.

Best Men’s Quiet House Slippers for Hardwood Floors

Now check out Men’s best house slippers for hardwood floor:

1. Tamarac by Slippers International Men’s Scuffy Clog

The Tamarack by Slippers International Men’s Scuffy Clog Slipper is ideal for has collected over 1000 plus reviews on the Amazon marketplace. You nevermore find a more genuine men’s leather house slipper shoe and with a good value.

They made leather uppers and lining of fleece, split-toe seam, and retention foam insole with a rubber bottom that serves to stay your toes warm for freezing nights with a large clog-style slipper. It is great slippers for loud walkers.

If you require to go to both outdoor Activity and indoor activity then this is the right decision for you. You can one of the international  Men’s Scruffy Clog Slippers in a variety of colors.

Scuffy clog slipper for hardwood floor

Features and Spec:

  • These sets Give lasting relief.
  • Sole makes it good for outdoor and indoor usage. 
  • Pleasant clog heel Scuff.

2. Tamarac by Slippers International 7161 Men’s Camper Moccasin

Tamarac International Men’s Camper Moccasin is one of the best shoes. These slippers are very comfortable and made with pure leather.

Made with 100% leather which gives you comfort on a hard floor. Providing all-day comfort and even walking on the concrete floor. These moccasin give you comfort and support as you want.

Camper Moccasin slipper for hardwood floor

Features and Spec:

  • This product is 100% Leather.
  • It includes the Synthetic sole, very strong from the bottom.
  • Traditional moccasin slipper starring whipstitching at the toe and elastic indoor and outdoor sole.
  • Fuzzy faux-fur lining.
  • Raw leather throughout-the-collar lacing.

3. Fireside by Dearfoams Men’s Melbourne Shearling Moccasin

Your feet will feel comfortable and dry every step of the day with these Men’s Dearfoams Melbourne Shearling moccasin slippers. Their breathable lining gives you comfort and support all day. While their outsole is really quiet to give you quiet behavior. 

It contains moisture-wicking qualities also to provide you comfort and a sweat-free feeling. Their outsole not only quiet but also it is very durable. This is amazing pair for wearing indoor and outdoor.

Fireside moccasin slipper for hardwood floor

Features and Spec:

  • This product has 100% Leather.
  • It includes a Rubber sole.
  • Built with 100% suede and cozy Australian sheepskin lining the Melbourne moccasin slippers are so relaxed and suitable, you’ll never want to take them off.
  • A luxurious sheepskin lining complements the rich black-colored suede upper in this peaceful-to-wear moccasin design.
  • Stay warm in the winter and calm during summer — our breathable sheepskin lining typically adjusts to your body temperature.
  • Sheepskin fibers consume moisture and evaporate instantly helping your feet stay comfy during the day.
  • These shoes are very comfortable indoor/outdoor.

4. Men’s 80-D Memory Foam Diabetic Slippers

For people hurting from foot edema, diabetes, neuropathy, corns, or other podiatry difficulties; as well as those who have difficulty putting on regular shoes which may harm sensitive skin.

It uses 80-D high-density memory foam that truly molds your feet and retains the shape. Memory foam insole contours to your feet to relieve foot stress, with two layers of support foams and shock-absorbing EVA for extra cushioning, containing arch support while also provide comfort and quiet behavior because of their quiet sole.

Memory Foam Diabetic slipper for hardwood floor

Features and Spec:

  • It consists of a rubber bottom.
  • These shoes are beware of swelled feet and give greater stability. 
  • Memory froth insole contours to your feet to reduce foot stress.
  • Anti-slip rubber outsole, that’s why you will have a safe, secure footing on any indoor and outdoor cover.
  • You’re taking no danger with your purchase. But made of quality, long-lasting material, these slippers are machine washable, so you can effortlessly remove stains or dirt.

Things To Remember For Noise Reducing Slippers

There are many patterns or factors that conclude whether the slipper is comfortable or not. But the important points which are identified from most of the customer’s requirement that is overall fit, inside, sole, and midsole quality, the stuff of the slippers, the volume of waste.  

All these features make footwear more convenient for the wearer. So when you are looking for the most suitable and anti-noise slippers for hardwood floors, those factors should be kept in mind.

Some Points You Remember To Buy Perfect Slippers

The stuff of the slipper

Yes, the material is the most overstated demand. But it is necessary! Keep a sharp eye on what the interiors of the slipper is made of. Stay away from sturdy materials.


It should have reliable soft sole slippers. You do not want to be slipping and sliding on your hardwood floor. You want a soft yet controllable grip as you walk. The insole and outsole are always good to have a glimpse at.

Amount of padding 

The padding inside the slippers creates a large difference. How to notice bad padding? You can put it on notice of what feels comfortable and can feel no tightness throughout your feet.

Overall fit

This one is a lot important. The slippers you wear might be the first thing you put on in the morning. That is why you must trust your gut. Go with what is calling you.

Bottom Line

We collected these slippers according to some reviews on market and their features about comfort and support which will provide more comfort and noise-free characteristics.

In the end, we say that we suggested the top 15 quiet slippers for the hardwood floor. At the top, we suggested our top 3 picks for men and women.


I’m Waheed Ali owner of humanlifeessentials.com. I’m is a professional writer and a true lover of dressing. I have a great experience of over 10+ years with shoes and clothes. I shared my experience and provide quality material for you.

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