How to Lace Running Shoes For Numb Toes

How to Lace Running Shoes For Numb Toes

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Numb toes are really a hard problem. The main aspect of this disease is that you can’t lace your shoes well. Most runners, when purchasing a new pair of shoes, can’t re-lace them.

After purchasing the shoes, it is essentials, that you can relace your running shoes. Because it affects hugely on their shoes. For better laces for your new or existing running shoes. We provide a well guide that how to lace running shoes for numb toes.

But before going in the simple and quick guide for laces the shoe, let’s understand what is numbness of toes.

What are numb toes?

Toe numbness is an abnormal situation in which you feel a loss of sensation in your toes. Toe numbness is normally due to a reduction of blood supply to the toes or nerve damage.

Also, toe numbness is a loss of sensation, paralysis includes a loss of movement, with or without the loss of sensation in the area. Toe numbness can also occur from infection, inflammation, trauma, malignancy, and other abnormal manners.

The symptom of toe numbness is due to a broken toe will most likely be accompanied by hard pain and swelling.

Solutions to Get over Toe Numbness

Purchasing an excellent pair of running shoes is not enough to run conveniently and at best. Not at all, buying the best shoes does not work best for all time. It needs some techniques and guides to using them better and avoids any pain.

Experts suggest that the shoes have a thumb width from the longest toe to the shoes’ front. Settling on running shoes with a high-volume foot is also necessary, as low-volume foot shoes can cut off the blood circulation or put pressure on the nerves of the toes.

There as a proper pair of shoes for cushion is necessary. Because a good amount of cushion also help you to run longer and remain comfortable and get good support.

There is a huge impact on how you lace your running shoes for your support and comfort as well as for the overall fit of the shoes. Consequently, many lacing techniques for shoes that feel too tight, toe pain, numb toes, etc., will help you get over the associated problems.

Many lacing styles for several feet structures provide you comfortable running up to miles. So, here are the techniques for how to lace running shoes for numb toes or fingers.

How to Lace Running Shoes For Numb Toes

Numb Toe

It is hard to identify that whether the technique is good for numb toes. Basically, the numbing of the toes is produced by very or sometimes slightly tight spaces in the toe region of the shoes.

This is the main reason for causing the numb toe. While you picking the right shoe size, this is unavoidable particularly for runners with big toenails or wide front feet.

For viewing to this disease that sometimes may harm your feet than normal and in order to adjust the shoes for the toes, here is a simple and quick lacing method.

  1. Begin the lacing from the big toe to the top of the rear side.
  2. Next, thread the other end of the shoelace through each bottom diagonally and through the top parallel to the succeeding hole.
  3. In the finish, tie the shoelace up as usual.

These are the simple three points, which you can follow as an amazing shoe lacing technique, then, the toe cap will be elevated, and there will be more space for the toes, later that it will help you to cure that disease and run easier and quicker.

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In order to avoid any toe pain, we also discuss the solution for the toe pain, here you can lace your shoes for toe pain.

Toe Pain

While the numb toe is painful. Above is the solution for the numb toe. But we also discuss the lace technique for those who also face pain and problem with toe pain. The simple quick technique will also help to cure toe pain and lace your running shoes to prevent toe pain.

Below is the simple technique for the lacing system which reduces pressure on the toe cap. Simply follow these points and lace your running shoe to prevent toe pain and do good running easily without pain.

  1. Thread the shoelace through the eyelet most approaching to the toe.
  2. Grasp the end and string it through the opposite eyelet closest to the ankle.
  3. Utilizing the opposite end, thread the lace across the other eyelet that is close to the toes.
  4. Keep doing the criss-cross lace as usual.
  5. In the closing stage, you should reach a diagonal lace that can be simply adjusted or lifted to give more space for the toes.

Here are the simple five points for lace running shoes for toe pain. Simply follow them and cure your toe pain and then go for a long run in next day.

And one other question is what do I do if my running shoes are too tight?. And you can’t afford to buy one, and try to adjust them according to avoiding any pain and disease. Here is the simple solution:-

Lace Too Tight Shoes  

If your shoes are now too tight for wearing in your foot, or if you have a big foot now and maybe some other situations, you find your running shoes too tight, then lace up your shoes according to the following technique to prevent any foot and toe pain or numb toe pain, so here is the quick guide for lacing:-

  1. Thread the shoelaces in a parallel fashion beginning from the top.
  2. Thread by lacing under every other eyelet.
  3. Lastly, tie up the shoe as usual.

How do I get rid of numbness in my toes?

Buying and wearing proper shoes, and lace your shoes properly with a proper technique. If you buy a new shoe then re-lace them to avoiding any pain or numbness in your toes.

Why do my running shoes make my toes numb?

When the foot is wider than the midsole, then the medial and sidelong sides of the foot implement pressure to the sidewalls of the shoes. The resulting counter-pressure can cause parts of the foot, especially for the little toe, to go numb.

How do I stop my feet from going numb when I run?

To stop your feet from going numb, try running for 3 to 5 minutes, then walk for 1 minute; run for another 3 to 5 minutes, walk for 1 minute, and continue repeating this sequence for the duration of your run.

What causes your toes to go numb?

The main causes for toe numbness are in appear as of infection, inflammation, trauma, malignancy, and many other abnormal processes.

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Final Words

We collected the shorts and quick about how you lace your running shoes for numb toes. Numbness is a really painful disease. For avoiding them, simply follow the above technique. If you have already faced this, then after applying the technique, you will cure this technique quickly.

We recommend you when you buy new running shoes, go for a little larger size than fit for lacing them. And when you buy a shoe then re-lace them because you are not facing any foot pain.

In the end, we just suggest you guide them for those numb toe, toe pain, and if your shoe is already too tight. But overall if you apply this technique with the high-arches and narrow feet, you can get the comfort also for lacing your running shoe.


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