how to clean and wash basketball shoes

How to Wash and Clean Basketball Shoes

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Dirty shoes not only look ugly but also affects your game. The traction and cushion and comfort which they provided are reduced slowly from time to time if you do not properly care for your basketball shoes.

Wash your basketball shoes is one of the good methods to clean your basketball shoes which enhance your game with good traction and cushion. But although there are many good ways and also bad ways how to wash your basketball shoes.

Some methods are not just applied to your shoes because you are doing a great investment in your new shoe, then the careful and good and working methods are acceptable which do not harm the bottom of your shoe and also the upper.

Cleaning Basketball Shoes – Buyer Guide

In order to save your shoes from any danger which further waste your shoes as well as your money also. We conclude some good techniques about how to clean your basketball shoes properly.

Dangerous Methods:

Washing Machine

It is most recommended that never wash your basketball shoes in the washing machine, not this only, try to never wash your any shoes in the washing machine which harm the especially bottom of the shoe and decrease the lifespan of the shoe.


The leading dangerous method for the shoes, never your dryer for drying your shoe. It can dry fast but it gives harm and change the shape of the shoe. In simple words, it will affect the insoles and the outside of the shoe.

Vents or Heaters or Hair Dryer

Third heating elements harm your shoes instantly. The vents, heater, or hairdryer. Don’t use these things for drying purposes. Their heat ruins your shoe shape and material in no time. Try to avoid these things for drying purposes.


The most harmful detergents will also affect your shoe. Like rubbing alcohol, using bleach, or scented laundry detergent, and also using fabric softeners will ruin the outsole of the shoe. Using an eco-friendly laundry detergent is recommended for washing or cleaning your basketball shoes.

Cleaning Basketball Shoes Properly

(Step 1) Remove Stones: 

If you use your shoe as an outdoor basketball then your shoes might have not dirt only but also contains stones in the grooves of the soles of the shoe. Accumulate out any clumps of earth and stones with a toothpick.

(Step 2) Wipe off Dirt: 

wipe off and cleaning basketball shoes

The next thing you need after removing stones and before cleaning your shoes is to remove all dirt, mud, or debris that might have stuck on its surface.

Using a proper shoe brush or stiff-bristled to accommodate you efficiently removes almost all dirt. If the mud is still moist, you can use a soft and lightly dampened cloth.

(Step 3) Remove Shoelaces:

This method is optional but it is recommended, remove the shoelaces from the shoe, and then you can separately clean them like the following method which we discussed.

(Step 4) Wash With Soap & Water: 

Once you remove shoelaces, dirt, and stone from the surfaces then make a mix of warm water and a tiny bit of eco-friendly laundry detergent. Smoothly apply a little amount of this detergent on a soft cloth or sponge, and use it to wipe your shoes completely.

(Step 5) Rinse clean: 

Either rinse the washcloth or use a clean one dipped in warm water, and clean the excess cleaning detergent from the shoes.

(Step 6) Insoles:

Remove the insoles and wash and clean them separately and you can use the baking soda detergent for cleaning purposes for the shoe insoles.

(Step 7) Dry at Room Temperature: 

Pat dry any excesses of water on the shoes and permit them to dry naturally at room temperature. Because it is the most effective method which dries your shoes without providing any harm. Avoiding putting your shoes near a heater or dryer as the heat can totally change their shape.

(Step 8) Stimulate the laces: 

Wash your shoelaces with a tiny soap and water or replace them if they have any rips or tears. This will clean your laces without giving any harm. Also, broken laces can create bad injuries and take you out of the game.

(Step 9) Air out the insoles: 

Get out the insoles of your shoes and permit them to air out to freshen them up. You can wash, clean, and dry the insoles with the cleaning steps above, and when dry, spray a small amount of baking soda on the insoles to soak up any lingering smells.

(Step 10) Store valuable shoes:

Once they’re dry, their laces and insole are dry, you can pitch your run-of-the-mill shoes in your bag or by the front door. Don’t keep your shoes in a bag for a very long time. If you’ve got high-end or especially meaningful shoes, however, special storage techniques are advisable.

  • Make sure the shoes are fully dry.
  • Discharge any crumpled newspaper from inside and then check whether it is dry or not completely.
  • Place the basketball shoes into individual, large zip-close bags.
  • If you have entrance to desiccant packets (like those silica gel packs that apparently came in the original shoe box), place one in each bag before closing them.


These are some extra tips that you must follow to increase the lifespan of your shoe;

  • Clean your shoes after every wear.
  • Avoid leaving your shoes in the gym bag for a long time or place them in the open air for good airflow.
  • For using them for a long time, only wear your basketball shoes when inside the court.
  • Using a shoe deodorizer is a great way to hold your shoes fresh at all times.
  • Extra pair of shoes is recommended if you play a basketball game properly.

Final Words

Here is the end of the article, we mention the good methods and harmful methods which harm your basketball shoes to ruin their shape, material, and outsole. But the other good methods are also mentioned in the article.

Simply follow the 10 steps which we mentioned above and clean and wash your shoes and then dry them properly at room temperature and then pack them in a good big bag.

Try to avoid dangerous and harmful methods and follow the good methods and try to make your habit to properly clean and wipe off all dust and dirt daily.


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