How to Choose Hunting Boots

How to Choose Hunting Boots

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The Boots are our wheels essentially when going to mountains or other rock places.

If we don’t pay attention at the time of buying, we might be hurt after buying it. If your feet can’t freeze in your place you might be injured. You could not use spring season hunting boots in the winter season. No Other well. Nobody wants that. Let’s come and see that how to choose the right hunting boots.

How to Pick Hunting Boots

Pay attention before buying hunting Boots

When you want to buy hunting boots(check here), you should be careful in prices. If you buy cheap pair of shoe price in between $100 or $50, you might walk for a month. After a month boot become useless even you only use it for a bit amount of work at home or some other workplaces.

If you buy a high price hunting boots price is between $400 to $600. You would walk a year or 9 months usually. So here is the long time to walk with a good price of boots.

Cheap boots walk a month but the high price of boots walk a year or 9 months usually. There is a huge difference. So before buying boots you focus on their price, Quality, proper sizing, sock, waterproofing, and lacing techniques.


Quality matters here, you couldn’t skip that. High-quality boots have high prices.

Quality boots should have heavy soles, durable material. You should also check the heels, are they secure or do they seem wobbly?

The quality of the boots also tells you how much time that they will pass with you. If you buy boots at prices between $50 to $100, their quality is not enough good as compare to the price between $400 to $600 boots. High quality beats low quality.

Quality also tells about the design of boots. If they look attractive in design then they are better in quality. If day do not look attractive but their design is perfect you consider it in normal quality. This is exactly right. Quality is also based on both look and design.

quality hunting boots

Proper Sizing

Here is the thing most of us buy big size boots in the winter season when they were going to mountain places or other visiting places. They might face a huge problem, big-sized boots do not fit them according to their feet and a long space created in boots, as result they faced cold winter and do not walk in proper steps.

So to avoid these problems make sure that the boots that you are buying are fit to your feet properly. Properly fitted boots help you from cold winter on mountains and also helps you to walk on-mountain in adjustable steps.

proper sizing guide along socks and shoes


Socks are necessary for both feet and boots same as that the car has Engine oil in it. If you don’t buy socks and go to the mountains or in jungles it will your big mistake.

Even folks will think that you are crazy. At the time of buying hunting boots, you should also focus on socks for boots to wear in them. In winter you must wear socks in boots.

But in spring most of us never wear socks under boots. Remember that Socks are necessary for both feet and boots same as that the car has Engine oil in it. So you should wear socks under boots in both the winter and spring seasons.

Here is the one thing that I want to share with you. In the spring season, you can use thin socks because thin socks will save your feet from sweating. But in winter you must use thick socks to save your feet from cold. 

socks thin for men and women


The most important point you should remember at the time of buying hunting boots is Waterproofing. If boots fulfill you’re every requirement but not waterproofing you should not buy it. Because in mountains or in the Jungle you will face water most places usually.

When you will be hunting there is a chance to enter in water to hunt it. Or you might have to face the rain. In this case, your boots should be waterproof to face these difficulties.

waterproofing for boots

When you wear socks in waterproof boots, they become safer. When water enters your boots the socks will moisturize the water with waterproofing material in the boots and dry it quickly. So this is very important for you before buying hunting boots.

Lacing Techniques

lacing technique for shoes and boots

The lacing technique is the other fact you should find in boots at the time of buying.

At the time of buying, you will see many variants of lacing techniques.

But you should select that which suits your passion.

Some lacing techniques are easy to bind but some are difficult. But believe me that difficult lacing technique always helps you without any tension. Once you set them they will set all day. You don’t need to check are they loose?

Sometimes your boots are waterproof, proper in sizing, socks, and better in quality, but you will feel uncomfortable in them. Because their lacing technique is not perfect. When you put boots on your feet you must see their lacing technique. If their lacing technique is simple then they have a normal lacing technique that is not for hunting boots.

Sometimes we run in the jungle and climb on a rock, our lacing is going to lose. If we sit to fix them our prey will go away from us. So there is no time to stop. To avoid this problem we should select boots that have complex lacing techniques.

Feet will thank you

When you buy High quality, Proper sizing, Socks, Waterproofing, and lacing technique hunting boots, your feet will feel comfortable during walking, climbing, and standing. You will also feel comfortable in boots. Your feet are safe from winter, water, and hurting or injuring, they will thank you.


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