How Long Does it Take to Break in Running Shoes

How Long Does it Take to Break in Running Shoes

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The runner purchases shoes but it sometimes gives not result immediately. Because they need to break in new running shoes. But the question is how long does it take to break in running shoes?

ANSWER: It depends on many factors but usually shoes are break in 2-3 weeks to give you comfort. Some running shoes might take a longer and shorter time than usual. It depends on how you can use this in 2-3 weeks including your exercising to break in.

When you buy new shoes, it is necessary to properly give the time to shoes to properly break-in, otherwise, it cause many injuries, and disease that damages your foot and shoes itself.

How to Break in New Running Shoes

After knowing that how many weeks you need to break in completely your shoes. You just need patience and follow the steps and exercises to break in your shoe. If you spent time on it then it will break in fastly.

For quick results and a perfect break in your new running shoes, you need to follow the following step that provides you complete comfort and fit according to your feet.

Get the Right Fit

All know that the proper size is compulsory. You can get pay attention to buying shoes. Because if you have proper size shoes they will be the right fit and these shoes give good cushioning and also amazing comfort and support. 

Walk Before You Run

As you purchase your new shoes, just keep in mind that you can’t run in the shoes after buying them. Hold for some days. You need to walk before you go running. You can walk into your house every day for a fast break-in.

Walk every day in your house or outside, and increase the time of the shoe slowly every day. This is because your shoe is adopted your feet and provides you comfort in less time.

You can start running again when you realized that your shoes are fit properly and also not recognizing pain in your foot. It takes some weeks and then you can start running again.

Run on a treadmill

After walking for many days, you can go for a short run. Some people trying to keep their shoes new. As for those people they use treadmills and run on them. As beginning run a short and after some days you can run gradually fast.

Proper Socks

While you go for a break in your shoe, you need proper socks which help your feet and shoes to do this job fastly. The good options are available for running shoes are synthetic technical fabrics like polyester with cooling technology for hot summer runs or wool blends for wintertime.

Using the above good quality socks is best for you. You can avoid wearing Cotton socks whenever wear them in running. Because once it gets wet and sweaty, it’ll stay that way. So avoid not wear cotton socks in running.

Why Should You Break in Your New Running Shoes?

If you purchase any kind of new shoes, you should take the time to properly break in completely. Properly breaking in your shoes can prevent mild running-related injuries such as blisters that can put a damper on your training.

In severe cases, running in ill-fitting new shoes may even cause changes to your gait that can lead to longer-term injuries. There is also the chance of bleeding and chafing if you do not properly break in your shoes.

How Many Miles Does it Take to Break in Shoes?

The simple answer is 5-10 miles and easily stable for 450-500 miles. Because now recently the material and stuff are more advanced and now it is coming in more great quality with more durable, light and provide maximum comfort and support.

If you keep a record of the miles you run in each pair, most high-quality and durable running shoes should last between 300 and 500 miles ( about 4-6 months for those who runs 20 miles per week ) though that number is lower for race-day shoes, which are intended to be lighter and faster.

Tips for Buying New Running Shoes

Considering purchasing new running shoes? Keep the following tips in mind. It can be helpful to go to a running store because they can show you what’s changed in a design and recommend new shoes that will go for you.

You can also test out different and latest running shoes at a running store before purchasing, particularly if the running shoe you love has updated or you are trying a new model. If you decide to purchase online, purchase from a store that lets you return shoes after going for a run or two.

If you’re not capable to find the shoes you require in an online store that enables returns, or if you’ve tried running shoes that aren’t right for you but it’s too delayed to return them, you can often sell them on eBay or maybe on Zappos to get some money back.

On a similar note, eBay might also be a way for you to get amazing new running shoes that have been barely used if you’re curious about trying a new shoe but don’t want to spend the full price.

Final Words

A quick and short guide about how long it takes to break in running shoes which usually takes time for 2-3 weeks, on viewing according to viewing many factors in which it takes time.

Moreover, 2-3 weeks normally take if you properly follow the steps and do exercises which we mention in this article. And if you run for about 5 miles then the shoe is completely adapted to your foot’s shape.

But keep in mind you can’t run on the first day, you just start walking in your home in the proper socks. Make sure you just followed the article to keep good shoes and break in your running shoes.


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