how to get grip on basketball shoes

How to Get Grip on Basketball Shoes

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The grip is an important factor whether you use indoor and outdoor basketball shoes. Players require solid shoes which have a good grip with additionally good traction to play their game without any hindrance. With good shoes, they easily turn back in any direction for quick play.

If your basketball shoes do not have sufficient grip then your performance and game will suffer. It may even sometimes lead to bad injuries. In fact. many more difficulties you face when you play a game if your shoe doesn’t have much grip and traction.

In view of this, you must have a shoe that has a good grip and traction at a good level. In extension to this, we giving some methods to enhance your grip and traction on your basketball shoes fastly.

How to Get Grip and Traction on Basketball Shoes

Without good traction, it’s very difficult to maintain balance while making cuts, shooting the ball, or trying to keep up on defense. You can’t turn easily in any direction.

To enhance grip and traction on basketball shoes, you need to clean your shoes and need to follow some methods which boost your game in a good way.

Keeping the Shoe Clean

This is the first method that can apply to every player to enhance the shoe lifespan and boosts their game in order to increase the grip and traction on your shoes.

You can wipe off all dust from your shoe. Accumulated dust can cover your outsole which will cause your shoes to lose their natural grip. 

You can be sure that you can wipe off all dust especially on your shoe outsole before and after every game when you play a basketball game as a practice or a playing a real game.

Make sure, that some shoes are made indoor and some are used outdoor. Never use shoes for outdoor which is made for only for indoor. Outdoor courts generally have a lot of dust.

How to clean the basketball shoes in the best way?

  • Firstly, don’t use much water while you cleaning your basketball shoes, it may damage the sole of the shoe.
  • Use a damp cloth to wipe off the dirt on the outsoles of your athletic shoes. You can use a moderate level of water to wipe off dust.
  • Sometimes players also like to use saliva to wipe off the dust of their basketball shoes. This method is also working in most cases.
  • Let the shoe dry fully and completely before wearing them again in the court.

Cleaning the Court is a Great Option!

basketball shoes in court

Your court is also a great option to maintain and enhance the traction of your shoe. If there’s no cleaning maintenance on the court you’re using, you can sure clean it up first before using it.

As I said earlier, dust is the major thing that makes the basketball shoes slippery. Clean your court with a liquid disinfectant or similar solution to clean all dust.

Use Shoe Grip Enhancers

There are a lot of products that enhance your grip on your shoes. These grip enhancers combine a little amount of stickiness to the outsoles of your basketball shoes.

This is one of the best ways to enhance the grip on your old basketball shoes. New shoes already have a lot of grips that increase your grip and traction while playing the game. 

Products that are used to enhance the grip on your basketball shoes, which mainly are:

  • Traction Fluid
  • Traction or Gel Mat
  • Grip Lotion
  • Hair Spray


Applying products to make basketball shoes sticky on the bottom will also cause them to pick up dirt more smoothly from the floor

Fixing Grip in Game

Seldom you’ll find your traction firmly breaking down in the middle of the game. If that happens, you want to moisten your soles right away to assure you don’t lose your edge.

That can be done by either immediately wiping them down with a damp rag or by wetting your shoe with saliva. It may be a bad idea, but we said earlier, it works very fine if you’re in the middle of the game.

Using Traction Mats is a Good Option!

basketball shoes with mat

If you want to invest more in your game. You have to pay some for buying sticky or traction mats. It solves your major problems. It wipes off the dust from the outsole of the shoe and increases the grip on your shoe.

Get a Grip Gel/Lotion for your Soles

It is not the very best option out there, but it is worth a try. The sticky gel or the grip gel for your basketball shoes normally removes the dirt and tends to offer the best grip possible. But most of the time, the gel ends up sticking the dirt from the court, and the players would again feel slippery and lose grip.

Why Do Basketball Players Wipe Bottom of Shoes?

It’s simply to get the dust and dirt off from their shoes to get a better grip. It is working while using saliva by licking their hand and wipe off dust, but a decent way to do it is to use a towel to wipe off the bottom of your basketball shoes. 

Final Words

I have observed numerous players immediately discard their shoes because of a lack of grip on them. Well, in my opinion, doing this is wrong. They must try some ways before disposing of their shoes.

Grip and traction are an important part of every basketball player’s playstyle. Above are some methods which increase the grip and traction of your shoes. Moreover, make sure that your shoes when buying is only for basketball game which enhances grip and traction to avoid slipping.


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