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Best Watches For Women in 2021

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A watch is more than just a way for you to tell what time it is. It’s part of your fashion statement, a way that you can accessorize with what you’re wearing that day. Women consume a bunch of time finding the right purse or pair of shoes.

It shouldn’t be any different with your watch. Take the time to find one that matches your style, one that’s going to make you happy every day when you put it on.

Finding the right watch is harder than it sounds. There are so many various styles and models to choose from. Add different brand names…and shopping for women’s watches can quickly become confusing and overwhelming.

We’re here to help you make the right choice, to find the perfect watch that not only fits your personality but that has all the functions you want in a watch.

Best Watches For Women Review & Guide

Take a look through our list of Top 10 Best Watches for Women in 2021. We’ve reviewed what are some of the best watches available for women. Functionality and fashion…we’ve got you covered in finding the perfect timepiece for you.

1. Fossil Women’s Riley Stainless Steel Chronograph Quartz Watch

If you are the kind of person who values the ability to personalize your accessories then this is the watch for you. Fossil is one of the better businesses when it comes to implementing customization options to its users and this watch is no exception.

The band has been designed so that it is quick and easy to change without any tools. There is also a wide range of potential bands for you to choose from with options to suit every occasion. That means that you can easily use this watch for different occasions by simply switching the band.

Fossil is also known for its attention to detail and quality components. The use of stainless steel throughout this watch’s design might not be very inspired. But as is always the case with Fossil products, every component of this big and heavy woman’s watch feels solid and worthy of the Fossil brand.

The watch face is much bigger than most women’s watches. But when it looks this good, who cares? Another thing we really like about the visual design of this watch is the inclusion of a luminous-tipped second-hand. This is a characteristic that you don’t see as much anymore but it’s one we really like.

Fossil Women Riley Stainless Steel Chronograph Glitz Quartz Watch

Features and Spec:

  • Superior water resistance
  • The band is easy to change and there are plenty of options for you to choose from.
  • High-quality materials have been used completely
  • The watch face is beautiful
  • Luminous second hand
  • Multiple functions available
  • Feels nice and heavy, like a quality watch should

2. Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch

More than likely you’ve heard of the Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch. Is it all that it’s hyped up to be? The answer is yes…this is a great watch if you’re tracking your fitness activity, heart rate, and monitoring your sleep cycles.

You’ll be able to access apps for weather and sports, as well as access your calendar so you’re never late for a meeting again. If you’re looking for a smartwatch, the price point of the Fitbit is classic.

Download your favorite songs and personalized workouts, and head to the gym. The Fitbit is available in Petal/Copper Rose, Bordeaux/Copper Rose, Navy & Pink Woven/Copper Rose, Black/Carbon, Smoke Woven/Mist Grey, or Stone/mist Grey.

Using a watch to manage your life is a lifesaver when you’re busy and on the go all the time. The Fitbit makes it easy to get in the fitness you need every day by reminding you when it’s time to get moving. We like that this is a smaller sized and lighter weight fitness watch than others.

Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch

Features and Spec:

  • Very Long battery life
  • Water-resistant – exceptional for swimming
  • Lightweight and simple design

3. GUESS Rose Gold-Tone + Iconic Blue Stain Resistant Silicone Watch

If the last two watches are fairly conventional and classical in their design, the GUESS Iconic is anything but. Available in eight different colors, each is a single tone through and through: from band to bezel to face. Adding a bold sense of distinction are the raised Fossil icon in the face and the silver hands and dial.

This is one of the cheapest quality women’s automatic watches you’ll find anywhere, but it’s also one of the most distinct. Regardless of the color that suits your personality, each employs a style that evokes the simple flashiness of the late 80s and early 90s aesthetics.

GUESS Rose Gold-Tone Iconic Blue Stain Resistant Silicone Watches For Women Review

Features and Spec:

  • Available in a wide range of different styles
  • A single counterpoint to most women’s watches available today
  • An amazingly affordable option
  • Silicone is sturdy & low maintenance

4. Fossil Women’s Sport Metal and Silicone Touchscreen Smartwatch

The Samsung Galaxy isn’t the only smartwatch built specifically with women’s fashion in mind. Customers looking for something that leans a little more into the traditional smartwatch aesthetic without losing a splash of femininity will love this Fossil smartwatch. It comes in five different colors and rocks the great tech look so common in modern smartwatches.

The screen itself is uncluttered, manifesting all the information you need to track your daily activities in a streamlined and minimalistic interface built off of Google’s trusted wears platform. Best of all, it can operate many of its core functions without having to be tethered to your phone.

Fossil Women Sport Metal and Silicone Touchscreen Smartwatch

Features and Spec:

  • Google Pay lets you make payments with a simple tap
  • The touchscreen interface is intuitive and simple to use
  • Customizable dials let you pick the right look for you
  • Google Fit exercise coaching built right in
  • Water Resistance

5. Seiko Women’s SUP176 Swarovski Crystal-Accented Stainless Steel Solar Watch

If you’re looking for a watch that’s ideal both in design and construction, this mother of pearl Seiko watch may be the right choice for you. From the gold and silver-colored stainless steel bracelet to the crystalline bezel, this is a gorgeous watch through and through.

But the real standout may be the textured gray background that adds a sense of depth to what would otherwise be a relatively plain design. That’s not to say that this watch is completely bereft of new conveniences. The solar battery will ensure that you never have to charge this model or wind the hands manually.

Seiko Women SUP176 Swarovski Crystal-Accented Stainless Steel Solar Watch

Features and Spec:

  • A classy and traditional design distinct from the normal Seiko look
  • Solar movement is incredibly low maintenance
  • Adjustable date window built-in
  • Protected by a sturdy Hardlex face

6. Tommy Hilfiger Classic Ceramic Women’s Watch

Tommy Hilfiger may not be known for their watches, but their casual women’s model is worth a look if you’re seeking out something that’s functional, inexpensive, and not too overstated.

The look here is classically luxurious without being ostentatious, making use of smaller numbering that lets the pronounced markers do the talking instead.

Day, date, and 24-hour timekeeping are available in the three-dial chronograph, and the leather band is both comfortable and flexible. It may not be as much of a conversation piece as some of the other watches around, but it’s an excellent choice if you want a watch that will do its job reliably.

Tommy Hilfiger Classic Ceramic Watches For Women Review

Features and Spec:

  • Protected by a durable mineral glass
  • Traditional and understated sports style
  • Chronographs add an additional layer of functionality
  • Magnificent value for its price

7. Michael Kors Parker Stainless Steel Watch

If you are in the market for a watch that stands out then this is an option well worth considering. The Parker Gold-Tone Watch is available in a wide range of two-tone color schemes.

Each of the available options gives the watch a completely different personality but they are all just as striking aesthetically. Regardless of the color scheme that you opt for, you will be getting an amazingly sturdy watch.

Michael Kors has managed to carve out its outs own unique slice of the woman’s watch market by offering women watches that deliver the size and design ethos of a men’s watch in pieces that are carefully crafted for the women’s market.

The Parker is one of the most ‘manly’ of the women’s watches that Michael Kors offer, but it is a fantastic piece for women who prefer a larger watch and who need something that is physically more resilient than most smaller women’s watches.

Michael Kors Parker Stainless Steel Watches For Women Review

Features and Spec:

  • Available in a range of attractive color schemes
  • Water-resistance makes it suitable for everything other than diving
  • A sturdy and resilient build ensures this watch will last a long time
  • Water resistance

8. Swatch Archi-Mix Quartz Silicone Strap

Swatch’s timepiece makes use of a manageable design that evokes the same style as the Guess Iconic without being quite so one-note. Instead, it opts for a white silicone band and face that’s given a layer of depth by the gold markers and Arabic numbering. It’s a clean and simple approach to design that still manages to look good.

The two-tone gold and white hands add a subtle level of contrast to the overall look, and the numbering is distinct and easy to read. It also makes use of the loud tick that’s become something of a trademark for Swatch’s pieces.

Swatch Archi-Mix Quartz Silicone Strap

Features and Spec:

  • A clean and uncomplicated approach to watch design
  • Hands employ a loud and satisfying ticking noise
  • The rubber surface is stain-resistant and easy to clean
  • The face is very easy to read

9. Invicta Women’s Pro Diver 24mm Stainless Steel Quartz Watch

You’ll spontaneously fall in love with the Invicta woman’s watch, just like we did. Gold plated, this watch is eye-catching and has a unique rose tone to it. The champagne dial adds a little twist to the style. Made with Japanese quartz mechanisms, the analog display is easy to read and shows a magnified date.

This is a beautiful and practical watch that never fails to accurately tell the time. For anyone looking for a trendy women’s watch, you can stop right here. It has a distinctive individual look that you won’t find duplicated in other watches.

Designed for water sports, we like that you can enjoy this watch even if you’re not taking it swimming. Emphasizing a superior stainless steel band, the safety closure on the Invicta assures that you won’t lose this watch.

Invicta Women Pro Diver 24mm Stainless Steel Quartz Watch

Features and Spec:

  • Perfect for water sports
  • Gorgeous rose-tone
  • Watchband with safety closure
  • Water-resistant

10. Michael Kors Women’s Bradshaw Stainless Steel 43MM Chronograph Watch

Michael Kors premium unisex option has proven to be a big hit despite its high price point. The watch is available in a number of different colors.

Every design that we have seen is bold and vibrant. It is nice to see a watch manufacturer like Michael Kors taking a chance with less subtle and more attention-grabbing color options, not everyone is looking for something subtle and subdued.

The Bradshaw feels like a solid premium product and the build quality is top-of-the-line. Unluckily, this just doesn’t feel like a premium watch when it is on your wrist. For this price, you would expect a manufacturer like Michael Kors to be offering something more comfortable to wear throughout the day.

Michael Kors Women Bradshaw Stainless Steel Chronograph Watches For Women Review

Features and Spec:

  • Bold and vibrant color options
  • Unisex design
  • The band can be resized by a jeweler if it doesn’t fit
  • Water resistance

How to Choose a Good Watch for Women

When purchasing a women’s watch, there are a couple of things you have to keep in mind, and we take a look at these things in this section.

1. Brand

The brand of the watch doesn’t really mean much, but there are certain brands out there known for releasing great, affordable digital watches.

There’s nothing wrong with going for a non-branded watch or one made by an obscure brand, but there’s a bit more reliability in the already established ones.

2. Complications

These are basically the functions of the watch that aren’t displaying the time. So it includes chronographs, alarms, backlights, and multiple timezones.

A lot of different models contribute to different complications, so it’s up to you to do your research on which ones you actually need.

3. Style

If you know the look you want, then it will be harder to be taken aback by all the options laid out in front of you.

At least if you have a general idea of what style your watch is, then you can easily narrow down the options.


Whether you’re looking for a women’s watch for yourself or as a gift for someone else, there are so many various types to choose from. You’ll have a hard time deciding on one unless you know precisely what you’re looking for. Digital or analog? Bold so it makes a statement? Or elegant and refined?

Decisions are based on budget as well. You can spend a lot of money on a watch that’s endorsed by celebrities. Or you can purchase a perfect watch within your budget. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy a timepiece that matches your style and life. However, our top pick is Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch.

When you know what types of watches are on the market today you’ll have an easier time deciding. We’ve helped you out there. Our list of the Top 10 Best Watches for Women review a wide variety of watches, from those that just tell time all the way to those that act as your fitness buddy. There’s a watch on our list for you or for that special someone.

Expert Tip

When looking for a watch for outdoor sports activities, look for watches that have a wider strap and are made with elastic nylon, so they stretch.


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