Best Motorcycle Riding Pants in May 2022

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When you’re riding a motorbike, whether you’re a thrill seeker or a thrifty Freddie looking to save money on gas, you’re putting yourself in danger, therefore risk management is critical. No one has to be reminded, yet no cage surrounding you has been thoroughly evaluated for road safety performance.

While travelling on your motorbike, your motorcycle protection gear acts as a cage around your body. A good pair of motorcycle trousers may be the difference between road rashes, bruising, and serious lower-limb injuries.

Made of advanced textiles or tough leather, and reinforced with armor and solid stitching, motorcycle pants are constructed to keep your skin safe in an unscheduled meeting with the asphalt.

Many contain waterproof construction, ventilation, and pockets, as well as luminous piping for visibility, as they are designed specifically for riding.

What Makes a Motorcycle Pant Separate?

What primarily makes motorcycle pants separate from other types of pants is the protection they provide you from hazards of motorcycle riding; mainly slipping on the pavement, since road rash is the various common motorcycle injury.

Anything calling itself a motorcycle pant should have some sort of abrasion-resistant material or development in areas that typically make contact with the ground (i.e. the butt, hips, and knees), and most pants will have some kind of padding or armor as well.

Motorcycle pants in general are constructed with more resolute materials than casual wear (such as durable textiles and leather), and in particular, should have stronger construction to prevent separation of seams in a slide.

Pants created for specific purposes, like dual-sport riding or touring, will often be made with materials and features for varying weather situations as well, such as Gore-Tex lining or zippered vents, in addition to being crashworthy.

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Riding Pants Reviews

With much research, we find some of the best pants for motorcycle riding. Here are 10 pants, these will give you full satisfaction.

1. Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion Men’s Mesh Motorcycle Pants – Top Pick

The first best product to make our list is the Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion Men’s, Mesh Motorcycle Pant. Another excellent product for riders who want to keep cool whilst keeping it safe, these Joe Rocket Pants are a must.

The pants are built from a cooling FreeAir mesh shell, and with heat resistant panels on the lower legs, this product is highly durable and able to withstand the hottest parts of your ride. Though incredibly breathable, it’s essential to note that they are by no means waterproof.

Safety-wise, you can rest assured that the team at Joe Rocket has your best interests at heart. These pants have a range of protecting specialties from DYNAX seat and hip reinforcement, CE-rated removable hip guards, CE-rated adjustable knee protectors, and INNO-LITE reflective panels that allow for 360° visibility.

Robust zippers, FullFlex articulated expansion panels, and a SureFit adjustable waistband allow for the classic fit and make this a truly great product.

Joe Rocket 1518-3005 Phoenix Ion Men Mesh Motorcycle Pants

Features and Spec:

  • Cooling mesh shell with Free Air
  • Knee panels in INNOLITE Ultra-Reflective
  • Height-adjustable Knee protection with a C.E. rating
  • Seat and hip reinforcements by DYNAX
  • Leg zippers in the inseam for quick access
  • Hip protectors with a C.E. rating that can be removed
  • Two pockets on the exterior
  • On the lower leg area, there is a substance that is resistant to melting.
  • Unwanted bunching is eliminated with the Sure Fit adjustable waistline.
  • Hips, knees, and tailbone have Full Flex articulated expansion panels.

2. MAXLER JEAN for men – Slim Straight Fit Motorcycle Riding Pants

The MAXLER JEAN Biker Jeans are perfect for strict city motorcyclists who never leave the concrete jungles. The relaxed fit is as at home at the workplace with a button-down shirt as it is on your urban motorbike.

Our design has a 14oz denim outer shell with Kevlar fabric at the knee and hip for increased abrasion protection in high-impact zones.

Removable CE-approved hip and knee protection are hidden in compartments above the seat and knees. Zippers that also serve as a mesh ventilation system keep the armour in place.

MAXLER JEAN Biker Jeans for men - Slim Straight Fit Motorcycle Riding Pants

Features and Spec:

  • The exterior shell is made of 14 oz denim.
  • Knee and hip kevlar fabric
  • CE-approved knee and hip protection that can be removed
  • Ventilation using air mesh
  • Casual look

3. Tourmaster Venture Air 2.0 Men’s Textile Motorcycle Pant

The Tourmaster Venture Air 2.0 Men’s Textile Motorcycle Pant is ranked third on our list. In areas where the weather might become a little high, these pants truly show their true colours.

These trousers, like the Venture pant from the same series, replace the heavy-duty 600 deniers Carbolex cloth with Armor-Link mesh. These trousers are particularly capable of protecting their rider during a fall, thanks to the incredibly robust 1680D ballistic polyester moulded into the knees and seat of the pants.

The cyclist will be both waterproof and cool thanks to double-stitched seams and two-stage Aqua-Therm lining. If desired, an insulated lining can be added for enhanced warmth.

The Tourmaster Venture Air 2.0 Men’s Textile Motorcycle Pant also has a twin elastic stitched panel waistline and Tour Masters’ unique Three Position Knee Armor Alignment System to provide the best fit possible.

The trousers are loaded with useful features including phoslite luminous piping and panels for improved visibility at night and expansion panels at the knee and waist for increased flexibility.


Tourmaster Venture Air 2.0 Men Textile Motorcycle Pant

Features and Spec:

  • The seat panel is made of 1680 denier ballistic polyester and is covered with phospholite-coated panels and piping for nighttime visibility.
  • Throughout the outfit, you’ll see double-stitched seams.
  • Allows you to customise the fit with a dual-elastic panel waistband and adjustable waist belts

4. Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion Men’s Mesh Motorcycle Pants

Do you want to go on a late-night ride? INNOLITE ultra-reflective knees and 360-degree strips keep you visible on the road at night, keeping you out of harm’s path; a good alternative for over-pants on a late-night commute home from the workplace.

Your impact zones are covered with the DYNAX seat and hip reinforcements. The bottom leg’s high material point material provides protection from the engine and exhaust pipe. The internal shell of the mesh motorcycle pant is breathable, and the waist features a motorcycle jacket connection zipper to complete the outfit.


Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion Men Mesh Motorcycle Pants

Features and Spec:

  • Seat and hip reinforcements by DYNAX Heat protection for the inner leg
  • Attachment of the jacket
  • Overpants
  • Shell made of mesh

5. ScorpionExo Covert Jeans Men’s Reinforced Motorcycle Pants

The Scorpion Covert Jean is a versatile riding pant thanks to its dress pant design, global style, and strong protective features.

With elements like a Kevlar lining and a knee safety pocket, the Covert Jeans are equally at home on two wheels as they are on two wheels.

The Scorpion Covert Jean is a one-of-a-kind boutique item for the vogue rider who doesn’t want to sacrifice style for security.


ScorpionExo Covert Jeans Men Reinforced Motorcycle Pants

Features and Spec:

  • Fashion conscience, high-end jeans with features specific for motorcycling
  • Traditional 5 pocket design
  • 14 oz. heavy denim
  • Dark Indigo wash
  • 165GSM Abrasion Resistant Fiber Lining made with DuPont Kevlar from knee to waist

6. Fox Racing 180 Prix Pants

The Fox Racing 180 Prix Pants are a decently priced option for Motocross riders. Hip pads and 600D polyester fabric matched with leather heat- and abrasion-resistant knee pads can guard you against harm on the track.

The rider attack position (RAP) construction generates an ergonomic seat, comfortable enough to keep you on track for longer. An adjustable waistband and tapered legs offer a slim fit, comfortably fitting into your boots without sliding off your hips.

2020 Fox Racing 180 Prix Pants

Features and Spec:

  • 600D polyester body
  • Combined hip pads
  • Leather, heat- and abrasion-resistant knee pads
  • MX riding
  • Rider attack position construction creates an ergonomic fit

7. VNFOX Motorcycle Riding Denim Men’s Riding Pants

VNFOX Riding Riding Denim Jeans in army green are slim-fit casual motorcycle jeans that are perfect for a Friday night out or a fast ride to a morning coffee gathering.

The 14oz denim and CE removable hip and knee armour that slots into trendy pockets don’t provide as much protection as overpants or riding pants, but they will absorb the brunt of a crash.

Thermal insulation and wind protection are provided by the motorcycle trousers, which also have flex panels over the seat and knees for a comfortable fit. For easy access to your valuables, keep your phone and wallet in the seat pockets, front or side pockets.

Men Motorcycle Riding Pants Denim Jeans Protect Pads Equipment with Knee and Hip Armor Pads VES6

Features and Spec:

  • Denim, 14 oz.
  • pockets to store things
  • Armor for the hips and knees that can be removed
  • Windproof
  • Insulation from the heat

8. KLIM Mojave Motorcycle Pant

The ergonomic fit and adjustable aspects of the KLIM Mojave Pant make it a hard off-road pant to beat. Stretch panels above the knees, backs of legs, and the crotch region allow an optimal posture while riding.

Velcro cuff adjustments and a silicone waistband with adjustments keep your off-road in place; it’s the last thing you want, your pants starting to shift mid-jump.

The Mojave pant has 840D Cordura reinforced knees and a seat with option armor pockets. The moisture-wicking liner paired with the ventilation system is perfect for keeping a firm hold on your bike or work and not drowning in sweat. Reflective piping for visibility at night is essential. The Mojave is a great option to substitute as an over pant or riding pant as well.

KLIM Mojave Pant 36 Light Gray

Features and Spec:

  • 840D Cordura in knees and seat
  • Interior knees covered with genuine leather
  • Reflective piping
  • Moisture-wicking breathable liner
  • Ventilated pant
  • Ergonomic fit
  • Armor pockets over knees and hips
  • Adjustable

9. HWK Motorcycle Pants For Men

It is clear why the HWK Motorcycle Pants for Men made our best choice. The motorcycle pants have a durable 600D Cordura outer shell with 1000D Cordura reinforced knees and CE knee and side armor.

They are all-season pants, 100% waterproof textile with REISSA breathable, and waterproof liner. The air ventilation system holds you cool in the summer months, and reflective piping and logo keep you visible at night.

The waist connection zip adds the option of creating a full suit, and the adjustable side zips, straps, and flexible fittings over the knees and ankles offer a snug fit. If you’re looking for an all-around riding and over pant combo, the HWK Motorcycle Pant for Men is it.

Motorcycle Pants for Men Dualsport Motocross Motorbike Pant Riding Overpants Enduro Adventure Touring Waterproof CE Armored All-Weather

Features and Spec:

  • 100% waterproof
  • 600D Cordura outer shell
  • Reinforced knees
  • CE armored knees and sides protectors
  • Reflective logo and piping with silver/white stitching
  • Air ventilation system
  • Wear over jeans or slacks
  • Adjustable straps and zippers for a snug fit

10. TAKUEY Motorcycle Pants With Knee And Hip Pads

Takuey Motorcycle Riding Jeans with Upgraded Knee and Hip Pads are commuting motorcycle pants with removable knee and hip CE protection pads that fit into fashionable reinforced knees and seats with flex panels above the armor. The fabric is 12oz black denim with brown stitching.

It is windproof, breathable, and anti-tearing. The slim commuting motorcycle pant tuck into boots, paired with a button-down or flannel and a motorcycle jacket, you’re set for a day in the city.

TAKUEY Motorcycle Pants With Knee And Hip Pads

Features and Spec:

  • 12oz breathable, anti-tearing stretch denim material
  • Removable knee and hip CE protection pads
  • Slim, casual fit
  • Flex panels above knees and waist
  • Windproof

The Importance of Fit

Beyond features and construction, the most significant part of motorcycle pants is that they fit properly, and this is not the manufacturer’s responsibility, it’s your own. The best motorcycle pants can’t help you if they shift around during a crash or slide, moving pads and armor away from where you need it most.

The key pieces of information to have when shopping for motorcycle pants, especially online, are your true waist size and inseam size. Avoid the temptation to use the size of jeans you wear (or want to believe you wear), and get out a tape measure.

For your waist, take the measurement of the circumference just underneath your belly button, and for your inseam, measure from your heel to the highest point of your crotch. Record them in both inches and centimeters, for ease of reference when shopping for both American and Euro/Japanese brands.

Fit and sizing vary between manufacturers and styles, so always make use of the manufacturer’s sizing chart before placing your order.

Motorcycle gear should generally fit snugly, but be comfortable in the riding position. If you’re looking at a style without fit adjustments, such as many riding jeans, it’s not a bad idea to order two sizes and return the one you don’t prefer.

What Makes a Motorcycle Pant?

What primarily makes motorcycle pants distinct from other types of pants is the protection they give you from risks of motorcycle riding; mainly sliding on the pavement, since road rash is the most common motorcycle injury.

Anything calling itself a motorcycle pant should have some kind of abrasion-resistant material or construction in areas that typically make contact with the ground (i.e. the butt, hips, and knees), and most pants will have some kind of padding or armor as well.

Motorcycle pants overall are constructed with more resolute materials than casual wear (such as durable textiles and leather), and in particular, should have stronger construction to prevent separation of seams in a slide.

Pants built for distinct purposes, like dual-sport riding or touring, will often be made with materials and features for varying weather conditions as well, such as Gore-Tex lining or zippered vents, in addition to being crashworthy.


When shopping for motorcycle pants, you’re bound to see certain terminology pop up repeatedly in your search. Here’s a rundown of some terms you should know and understand before making an investment in your gear.


A sturdy, thick cotton twill fabric. The thickness of denim is measured in ounces, based on the weight of one yard (a yard of 14oz. denim weighs 14oz.) Not recommended for motorcycle riding due to low abrasion resistance – but hey, they’re better than shorts, we guess.


A class of strong, heat-resistant synthetic fibers, made from spinning unique polymers into a solid fiber from a liquid chemical blend.


A lightweight synthetic aramid fiber with greatly high tensile strength (5 times stronger than steel.) Well known for its use in body armor, it now has widespread use in motorcycle gear for its abrasion and heat-resistant properties.

Ballistic Nylon

A strong, thick synthetic fabric. Used as a protective material in motorcycle gear for its strength and abrasion resistance. Textile gear is often made from ballistic nylon. Measured in denier.


A unit of measure for linear density of fibers. Silk is the standard for this measurement (a single strand of silk is one denier.) Denier refers to weight, not strength, and is the normal unit of measurement for ballistic nylon. Note: fibers less than one denier are called microfibers.


DuPont’s original brand name for a line of tough fabrics, normal ballistic nylon, or a nylon blend.


An abrasion-resistant synthetic blend fabric made by Swiss company Schoeller. Created to replicate rub and tear resistance of leather, but with more comfort and breathability. It is a proprietary blend of aramids that includes Cordura and Kevlar.

Reactive Armor

Armor that is soft and pliable at rest, but becomes remarkably rigid on impact through changes at the molecular level, such as D3O armor.

Hard Armor

Rigid plastic armor is used in high-impact areas. Ordinarily layered with softer materials like impact-absorbing foam for shock absorption and comfort.

CE Rating:

A marking that signifies conformity to European standards. Motorcycle armor is considered “CE Rated” when it conforms to EU standards of impact protection. Note: CE rating is a self-certification scheme; conformity is declared by gear manufacturers themselves.


A line of waterproof, breathable materials made primarily of heated and stretched PTFE. However, the Gore naming convention does not refer to specific materials or technology, but rather to a specific level of performance. Gore-Tex is the premier waterproof membrane, used in all types of all-weather motorcycle gear.


We are mention 10 different pants for motorcycles. It depends upon you whether you can choose a pair of pants for you according to your need. You can select any of them. However, our top pick is Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion Men’s Mesh Motorcycle Pants

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